Help from Around the World to Right Here in Albuquerque

Picture by Melinda Modisette

We often feel that we have to face all our battles alone with no one by our side, isolated inside our houses with no place safe to go. Many books and movies are made about fantastical events, about one man alone, facing down the slithering dragon in the middle of a stormy sea with nothing but the sword in his hand and the tattered clothes on his back. But often bravery and kindness is found elsewhere, in small, overlooked things, in the everyday doings of ordinary folk.

Just in the past day, through this website, help has come from people thousands of miles away, across the ocean, to the citizens of Albuquerque. Jinlian Tu donated 70 surgical masks (Ningbo, China), Mao Li donated 2000 masks (Shanghai, China), and Shenzhen Baofengtong Electrical Appliances Manufacturing Co, Ltd donated 1050 masks (Shenzhen, China). Though the prices of these masks may not be high, the shipping through Express Mail has made the costs skyrocket because there are so few planes flying between countries right now. Yet these donations, no matter how many or how expensive, were made by ordinary people, just like you and me, trying to make someone else’s day just a little bit better. Governments and politics between towns, cities, and countries may clash, but the hearts of people are still true, no matter the color of skin or the type of culture. This is a hard time for everyone around the globe, but remember, there are 7 billion beating hearts out there, helping, trying, striving, for a better tomorrow hand in hand with you.

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6 thoughts on “Help from Around the World to Right Here in Albuquerque

  1. Yes, we are altogether to fight for the virus no matter nationality, race and religious belief. We also need to spread good news. Thank you!


  2. A little sugar from each day will make sweet lemonade. You are doing great things. Thanks for the time and effort!


  3. We are very proud of you guys! In times like these, you have taken steps that you could do to help the community. This platform you created, will allow the community to come together yet maintaining social distancing and help each other out. We are checking the requests every often to see if there are any requests I can fulfill. Thank you for this initiative. You are awesome! We are sure we’ll see lot more great things from you in the years to come. Keep the good work and stay safe.


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