The Simple Life

Picture by Mona Meng

Featuring NEW writer Jesse Sanchez!!!

In the times presented to us now, it’s difficult to find things that bring us a sense of joy and happiness. Being cooped up in our homes, with nothing to do, and the constant blaring of breaking news. What is there to do now? 

Many of the people that I talk to daily have been increasing their screen time. Either through being on their phones more frequently, watching movies, and TV shows, or through gaming on consoles and PCs. Objectively speaking, I believe that there is no reason to think that more screens would have negative impacts for people. Technology has brought us the ability to have the world’s knowledge at our fingertips, it has brought us the ability to find entertainment quickly and easily, it’s exceptional at removing ourselves from the reality we are in now, and place our focus and consciences somewhere else. 

Regardless of the foreseeable benefits that stem from tech, it must be said that we can not isolate ourselves to the point where we do not leave our homes. Humans have an intrinsic behavior to seek social events and to be outside, frolicling in the world. COVID-19 has provided us a moment in where we have to social-isolate, providing benefits such as much needed rest, and more time with our families. However, going outside is still a critically important necessity that all individuals, regardless of the circumstance need. 

Fresh air and exercise are just as critically important to our health as N-95 masks and handwashing. Increasing your heart rate for a duration of time, is proven to bring a sleuth of health benefits. This includes, but is not limited to, lower blood pressure, decreasing the risk of heart disease, strengthening bones and muscles, clearing your mind of thoughts that may be present, and plenty more. My point that I’m trying to bring across is this. It’s simple. It is easy to live an unbalanced life in our time right now, balance it with doing simple exercise, going outside, hydrating frequently, and eating enough food with plenty of nutrition. 

The simple life. 

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2 thoughts on “The Simple Life

  1. Joyful
    Stay at home
    Get fresh air in your back yard
    Following CDC guidance
    Stay safe to you and your family
    Protect all of Americans


  2. We have been running from A to B, not knowing what to be. In 2020 spring, we find flower smiles in drizzling rain. Stop, smell the roses. Life can be simple as it should be.


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