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Featuring NEW writer Arthur Vines!

In today’s environment of “social distancing”, everyone is fighting boredom and loneliness.  We are a people who thrive on social contact, who crave companionship, and who need to be around friends who make us feel like we belong and make us feel cared about.

A lot of senior citizens are experiencing loneliness now.  Senior centers are closed, so you can forget about joining your group for bridge or having lunch with your friends.  Restaurants are closed, so you can’t meet up with your pals for breakfast at McDonald’s.  You can’t meet the gang to walk at the mall. Younger people are at least home with their families; many older folks are stuck in empty houses.

So what’s the good news in this article?  Just that we’re all in this together, and there are a lot of caring people in this world.

Our grown children call, email, and text.  So do our grandkids.  So do our friends and other relatives.  Our church has been very supportive, as have our friends from the congregation.  Our neighbors keep in contact and check up on us.  All of these dear people cheer us up and ask if we need any assistance.

And then there is, a labor of love by a couple of great Albuquerque youths.  The website has a Good News section to brighten your day, the ABQ Exchange, where people can request and share resources in this time of scarcity, and the MakeAMask section to instruct people and to seek mask donations to local hospitals.

Cheer up – there is good news.  The good news is that our youth care and are willing to work hard to help their community.  The good news is that we’ll get through this, and we’ll do it by caring for each other. 

Have any ideas for a positive event? Leave a comment. We would love to hear your suggestions!

One thought on “Care

  1. Mr. Vines is correct in pointing out that we may be alone and isolated physically, but we don’t need to be alone emotionally and spiritually. If those you care about don’t call, you call them. The best thing about the phone is it works both ways. Maybe those in your extended family have become overwhelmed and you calling them could be the act that breaks the cycle of depression. Now is the time to check on everyone. Give each of your family members and friends a call every week or so. As commander Peter Quincy Taggard in Galaxy Quest says, “Never give up! Never surrender!”


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