Triscuits Explained

Featuring new writer Sarah Wang!

At a time when we are all hoarding non-perishable goods in our home, we might have added these crackers to our ever-growing stockpile:

Picture by Evan Amos

The Triscuit.

These crunchy, savory snacks make for a good source of nutrition, as they are baked with 100% whole grain wheat. However, recently, many people have begun to wonder how the Triscuit got its name. Obviously, it derives its name from the word “biscuit”, but what does “tri” part mean? Does “tri” mean three? Are there three ingredients? Or three layers?

Hint: it’s none of the above.

If you want to discover a fun piece of trivia to keep your mind occupied during those long hours at home, click on this link to find out where Triscuits really got their name:

You might be surprised!

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