Picture by Georgios Liakopoulos

There’s no better relief to boredom than going on a mysterious scavenger hunt to find heaps of dreamy gold… except maybe watching a cute little girl discover her own treasure.

As we all run out of ways to occupy ourselves during quarantine, a creative father in Arizona decided to construct a large scale treasure hunt for his 3-year-old daughter Emma. As Emma trekked through her backyard and house, holding a map dotted with bright orange Xs, the house was no longer an enclosure. It had become an imaginary world, filled with mystery, pirates, and fantastical creatures. At the end of her journey, Emma found herself climbing up a tall ladder into an attic filled with dull red rugs. Atop these rugs, to her excitement, sat a golden rose chest, and inside… well, it wasn’t the treasure inside that everyone on Twitter followed the story to see. We all followed the story because we remember a time when we would ride between the fluffy wings of pegasi and swim through water currents with mermaids. Although we may feel confined and are unable to gather with friends, there is still a preciousness to this time that is much more valuable than a sparkly necklace inside rose-gold chest.

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One thought on “Treasure

  1. At this unprecedented time, all of people have had to “adjust” in many ways… are you snoring and sleeping? Or are you pull yourself together, to help those who are far more difficult than you in a different way? In this period destined to become history, your way are very meaningful and so proud of you. I hope everything will be over and normal as soon as possible. I hope you and your family staying safe & peace. Again, very good job 👍


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