Pet Adoption Increases!

Picture by Helena Lopes

During the COVID-19 pandemic, humans have been forced to stay at home and away from communal locations to avoid spreading the disease. Our interaction with strangers and the opportunities to meet people in person are at an all time low. Animals, on the other hand, are being adopted by families in record numbers.

In animal shelters across the country, dogs, cats, birds and other inhabitants are being taken home by families and individuals looking for a new companion, leaving many shelters full of empty cages. Not only this, but donations of food, blankets, and other goods to these shelters have seen an increase as well.

People’s love for animals, it seems, is independent of the problems and fears in our own lives.

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One thought on “Pet Adoption Increases!

  1. Our two adopted dogs are getting so much attention! Of course, with all of the attention they are demanding more food! MrN


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