Hero Healing Kits

Picture from the Good News Network

The risk of being infected with COVID-19 is obvious to everyone. Doctors and nurses especially are surrounded by hazards, and we all feel sympathy for those who put themselves at risk to fight the virus. For many doctors, however, the physical toll of working long hours and wearing protective clothing is a struggle in itself. Wearing a face mask for long hours can cause rashes and irritation.

To help combat the physical effects that these doctors are facing, a medical student in Baltimore and her Rottweiler are encouraging people to donate care packages with lip balm, moisturizer, baby powder, and other self-care products to hospitals. The pair themselves have already prepared over a thousand packages (or “hero healing kits”) and plan to distribute them to local hospitals in the near future.

This initiative has not only helped many medical workers already, but spread the idea to other states, where similar projects are now taking place.

Read more at: https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/dogtor-delivering-hero-healing-kits-to-hospital-workers/.

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