It is hard to be motivated when you are struggling. It’s hard to keep going when you are lost in an indefinite future. A jellyfish caught in the middle of the sea, tossed and turned to the rhythm of the foaming waves. Your body, structureless, taking form only as the deep waters allow. But from ashes the red bird rises. It is the hardships that spin our minds into dream, each one in contact with the Possible, an invisible reality for you to bring to everyone else. It is the fight that gives us the motivation to stand up and brush off. It gives the artist strength to breathe form into a blank white page. It gives the engineer a problem to solve. It gives us an incentive.

Times are trying now, but that is life.

A constant pursuit of the Possible.

The drawings included in the gallery today are from an artist in California, taking inspiration from these difficult times. Do something you love today!

Have any ideas for a positive event? Leave a comment. We would love to hear your suggestions!

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