Out of the Woods

Picture by Mona Meng

By Arthur Vines

It’s been a hard couple of months.  Americans have been stuck at home for the most part, no movies, no social gatherings, restaurants are closed.  We’ve been wearing masks if we go into a store (or we should have been). Paychecks aren’t coming in, but the bills never stop.  Certain food and household items have been in short supply. 

Don’t get me wrong.  Of course things could be worse.  Certainly Americans have an easy life compared to many in the world, even during the current lockdown. We have running water and electricity.  We have access to food and necessities.  Just thinking about those who are less fortunate should make us feel better about our own situation.

But right now, many of us are unemployed, we’re broke, worried about bills, afraid for the health of our families, uncertain of the future – all things that we never had to experience before.  Americans want to work, we want to pay our bills, we want to earn the “good life” that we’re used to.  But we’ve been laid off and locked down.  The house payment is due on the first of the month, and we don’t have it.  The wolf is at the door.  We don’t know what to do.  We just want this nightmare to end.  We want things to get back to normal.

But wait – what’s this we’re hearing?

Some states are opening up again. People are at the beach in Florida.  Businesses in some states will resume operation soon. 

Promising trials of existing medicines for treatment of the virus are underway, apparently with promising results.

Some large American companies converted manufacturing facilities to produce urgently needed medical products, such as masks and ventilators.

The ventilator shortage didn’t get as bad as we feared.  NYC is able to share with other locations now.

Doctors are investigating the use of antibodies derived from the blood of recovered patients to treat new patients.

Russia and Egypt have sent medical supplies to the US.

Sweden never issued a stay-at-home order, and they seem to be doing OK.

Scientists are working to develop a vaccine against the virus so we don’t have to go through this again.

A random study in Santa Clara county by Stanford Medical School found that 35 times more people than expected had antibodies against the virus, indicating they had it and recovered, perhaps never realizing they were ill. People with antibodies are probably immune to the virus.  Maybe more of us are immune than we thought.

Tests kits are being manufactured right now, and better tests are being developed. 

So, even though we’re not quite out of the woods yet, and things aren’t going to be back to normal for a while, stop and look around.  Exciting things are happening.  Cheer up.  Hope is in the air.  Hang on just a little bit longer.  I think we can see light at the end of the coronavirus tunnel.

Have any ideas for a positive event? Leave a comment. We would love to hear your suggestions!

2 thoughts on “Out of the Woods

  1. If we look without using eyes, we can always find surprises. In the woods, we may find sweetest flowers we never know they exist. We may heard animals or birds we didn’t know their names. Those are what I found in the wood.


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