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For many of us at the present moment, money is a resource to be spent wisely on canned food, essential supplies, and toilet paper, but there are those few who are directing their wealth more ambitiously. Billionaires around the world are donating money in support of everything related to eliminating the coronavirus, whether it be developing a vaccine or providing accurate information to the public. Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, donated $14.5 million to two Chinese research organizations to assist in vaccine development. Bill and Melinda Gates donated $100 million to build infrastructure across the globe, treating patients in Africa and Southern Asia. Mukesh Ambani donated $66.7 million to the Indian Prime Minister’s coronavirus emergency fund, in addition to building a hospital exclusively for COVID-19 patients. Giorgio Armani, an Italian fashion designer, donated $1.42 million to two hospitals and a research institute. Mark Zuckerberg gave $25 million to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which is currently researching treatments for the coronavirus. Money can mean different things to different people; wealth can be invested in luxury or in survival, but in just as many ways, it can be instrumental in changing other people’s lives.

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2 thoughts on “Billionaires

  1. Yes, Melinda, kudos to those sho share their ample resources. They deserve to be thanked and blessed. My concern with this Watershed Event we are now living through is that income disparity might very well be further ingrained in our global and national economic systems. How are species shares the wealth of our systems in the future will be crucial to the survival of our species. Thanks for bringing our attention to this issue. MrN


  2. Auto-spell can’t tell… who; not sho. our; not are. Thanks for not marking off for grammar. Thanks again for providing leadership for our community during this time of challenge! MrN


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