Beekeeper Makes Music From Bee Noises

Picture by Simon Matzinger

By Megan Blackwell

An anonymous beekeeper in London who goes by the name Bioni Samp has been making music out of the noises bees in his beehives make. While bees communicate to each other through dance-like movement, the beating of their wings creates that familiar buzz. By using his own equipment to record, Samp combines different pitches and patterns of sound bees make to create songs. Samp hopes that the music made from the bee noises will raise awareness for the endangered species!

Thanks to recent media attention from news sites like BBC, Samp is gaining traction and spreading his (and his bees’) message: the world needs bees. If you find yourself in need of new songs to listen to, consider checking out his YouTube, Bioni Samp.

Learn more at:

Listen to his song, “I Love Honey”:

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One thought on “Beekeeper Makes Music From Bee Noises

  1. Hi Megan. Betsy and I just watched and listened to Bioni Samp. We love honey! Praise bees! We have great concern for the plight of the honeybees. Hopefully their survival will be facilitated by the Bioni Samps and Megan Blackwells of the world. Thanks for sharing this evocative message and music. MrN


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