Fizzling Out

Picture by Melinda Modisette

Although many countries are struggling to contain the Coronavirus, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and some other nations have managed to keep their numbers impressively low. As of a few weeks ago, Hong Kong, remarkably, had zero new cases to report! Though this does not guarantee that the virus has completely fizzled out within the country (due to unreported or asymptomatic cases), it is undeniably a sign that things are returning to normal for residents. In New Zealand as well, only around 1,000 total cases were reported, and last week, the country lifted many of its strict precautions due to the lack of new cases. Hawaii and Montana likewise are approaching the end of lockdown as the growth of the virus slows to a halt. Even though these are only a few nations out of many, we can certainly learn from their success and derive hope that all nations will soon see the same developments.


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