A Creative Initiative in Saving Endangered Species

File:Sumatran rhinoceros four days old.jpg
Image from Wikimedia Commons

For many years in South Africa, illegal poaching of endangered species has posed a significant problem. Rhinos especially are one of the hardest hit by poachers, with hundreds or even thousands being killed each year in South Africa. Thankfully, this number has been decreasing in recent years, but it remains a challenge to prevent poachers from killing off an already dwindling population. Luckily, however, a new initiative to save these creatures saw unprecedented success.

With the help of a dog breeder named Joe Braman living in Texas, the South African Wildlife College attempted to introduce a group of dogs into the Rhino population to catch poachers. Although their hopes for the project were low at first, the dogs, which had been trained since birth to protect wildlife, managed to catch 145 poachers since their introduction in 2018. Unlike previous initiatives, the dogs were allowed to roam free and work in a pack. The college plans to add even more trained canines in the future, hopefully aiding to bring poaching to an end and helping the Rhino population gain a stronger foothold.

Read more at https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/dogs-have-saved-45-rhinos-from-poachers/


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