COVID-19 Testing in New Mexico

Picture by Niannian Modisette

While COVID-19 tests are in critically short supply in many US states, this is not the case in New Mexico. In fact, the state is encouraging people to get tested to accumulate data, even if they are not experiencing immediate symptoms. New Mexico is in the top four states for tests per million people at 89,784, according to the Worldometer. Although the number of cases is still growing daily, the relative rate of increase in New Mexico has been kept low, especially considering the high number of tests that has been administered (188,261 as of May 30). Another factor in New Mexico’s favor is that COVID-19 testing is free: anyone can sign up to be tested in drive through fashion regardless of their financial ability. As more New Mexicans are tested, we will gain a better picture of how the virus is spreading and how we can most effectively slow it down. If you live in New Mexico, consider getting tested to contribute to scientific data, even without having been exposed.

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