Promising Results in Cancer Research

File:Cancer cells (1).jpg
Image from Wikimedia Commons

While the whole world focuses on the SARS-CoV-2 virus and finding a working vaccine, significant discoveries in other areas of medicine have been overlooked. Dr. Reza Izadpanah and others at Tulane University in New Orleans have been researching a treatment for an aggressive form of breast cancer with very promising results. After discovering two genes, TRAF3IP2 and Rab27a, that seemed to function in the metastasis of the cancer, the researchers performed a series of studies to see whether inhibiting these genes could slow or altogether stop the spread of breast cancer. Not only were they able to slow the spread of the cancer, but they found that the suppression of these genes shrunk existing tumors with surprising efficiency. These findings will be instrumental in treating breast cancer as well as other conditions: research is already taking place at the University of Missouri to apply the results of these studies to the treatment of brain cancer. Though it seems that our most pressing issue is finding a vaccine for SARS-CoV-2, discoveries in other areas of medicine are just as important and will become even more important as the coronavirus issue fades.

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