Cleaning Up

Picture by Melinda Modisette

Currently, in many cities around the world, protestors fill the streets with banners and posters as night falls. And although they are advocating for their own beliefs, sometimes a mess is left behind: walls covered in graffiti, trash strewn across the road, crushed bottles and broken windows scattering pavement. Despite the amount of chaos in the world today, statistics show that in some cities, more people spend their personal time cleaning the streets during the day than protesting on them at night. According to CNN, after a night of protests in downtown Houston, a truck driver dedicated the next morning to driving up and down and washing away graffiti. Everywhere around the country, people flood the streets in the morning with trash bags and masks to pick up litter. One individual in Minneapolis even dressed up as Spiderman before heading out to clean. Although the world is focused on protests and conflict, the ordinary kindness of everyday people should never be forgotten.

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