Llama Joins in Protest

Note: llama pictured above is not actually Caesar. It’s just a random llama. But a cool llama nonetheless.

By Sarah Wang

While you have heard of the recent protests (and may even have joined in), one protester in Portland, Oregon does not fit the image of a typical activist. Caesar the No Drama Llama has joined in protests to spread love and support others. As Caesar’s caretaker describes, all Caesar wants is a hug and a good time. He offers hope and entertainment to worn out protesters, who can pet him and take selfies.

Besides attending protests, Caesar the No Drama Llama also employs himself by showing up at retirement homes and classrooms (when students are on campus) for surprise visits.

Although Caesar the No Drama Llama is a of a different species, he might just be an example for all of us. With his positive attitude and carefree nature (he is, after all, a llama), he reminds us to spread love and not stress out.

If you want more information about Caesar, you can find out more here:


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One thought on “Llama Joins in Protest

  1. Sarah, thanks for sharing this wonderful story. Just a few days ago I was biking through Corrales and happened upon a couple of Llamas who stared at me gently. They helped me realize that all we creatures should strive to look gently upon each other.


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