ABQ Hospital Mask Donation Drive

Donate to our ABQ Hospital Face Mask Donation Drive!

Total Number of Masks Donated

– 7414 –

Number of Donations by Hospital

Presbyterian Hospital: 6989

UNM Neurology: 175

Chinle Medical Center: 125

Tuba City Medical Center: 125

If you have time on your hands, materials lying around your house, or just extra masks, make and donate masks to local hospitals! ABQ hospitals are in great need of masks due to the influx of patients in the past couple of weeks. We have just received news that the the need for masks have reached a critical level! Help out those that keep our community healthy by donating a mask following the instructions below.

Before you donate:

Please be careful and safe when donating masks to a local hospital. Follow the instructions below on how to prepare your mask for patients and doctors:

  • Do not donate if you or anyone you have been in contact with is sick
  • Handle the mask with nitrile gloves
  • Wash the mask in a washing machine (if you made it)
  • Let the mask air dry in the sun
  • Spray both the outside and inside with disinfectant spray
  • Package the mask carefully and deliver to the hospital
  • Thank you and record your donation!

Record your donations below by entering the number of masks donated. Come and take a look every so often to see how many masks the Albuquerque community has donated! The count will be updated daily.

Does anything need to be clarified? Please submit your thoughts in the Contact Us section. We would love to hear your suggestions!

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