New Zealand: 1, Coronavirus: 0

New Zealand, among the most successful of all nations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, recently released nearly all restrictions on its citizens. While this sounds like it must be premature, it is justified by the incredibly low numbers recorded in recent weeks. New Zealand, being a relatively small independent nation, was able to imposeContinue reading “New Zealand: 1, Coronavirus: 0”

Battling Homelessness

For all of us, the closing of businesses and the spread of Coronavirus has had a drastic effect on our way of life and our health. For many (especially those infected with the virus), this effect may have been detrimental; for nearly 50 homeless individuals in Worcester, England, this effect was life-changing. However, the FownesContinue reading “Battling Homelessness”

Promising Results in Cancer Research

While the whole world focuses on the SARS-CoV-2 virus and finding a working vaccine, significant discoveries in other areas of medicine have been overlooked. Dr. Reza Izadpanah and others at Tulane University in New Orleans have been researching a treatment for an aggressive form of breast cancer with very promising results. After discovering two genes,Continue reading “Promising Results in Cancer Research”

A Creative Initiative in Saving Endangered Species

For many years in South Africa, illegal poaching of endangered species has posed a significant problem. Rhinos especially are one of the hardest hit by poachers, with hundreds or even thousands being killed each year in South Africa. Thankfully, this number has been decreasing in recent years, but it remains a challenge to prevent poachersContinue reading “A Creative Initiative in Saving Endangered Species”

Mother’s Day in Quarantine

Many families were more connected than usual on Mother’s Day this year, with college students at home, nobody going to work or school, and lots of time to enjoy each other’s company and relax. For some mothers, however, it was hard to spend time with their families; grandmothers in retirement homes were unable to visitContinue reading “Mother’s Day in Quarantine”

Potential Treatment

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus, the FDA has yet to approve any drugs for treatment, despite many organizations trying a wide variety of drugs, looking for a cure. A recent Government funded study, however, has shown beneficial effects from remdesivir, an experimental drug developed by a private company. Testing over 1,000 patients with the virusContinue reading “Potential Treatment”

Fundraising for Musicians

Many musicians around the world are struggling in a number of ways. The dependence of a musician’s income on being able to perform in front of an audience can make life difficult even in the best of times, and with the majority of countries in lockdown, this dependence has become blatantly obvious. Luckily, many organizationsContinue reading “Fundraising for Musicians”

A Changing Energy Economy

In news unrelated to the COVID-19 pandemic, data regarding the world’s energy consumption in the past year shows a promising trend. Renewable energy sources, including solar, wind, geothermal, and others, made up the vast majority of global energy source expansion. Of all the addition to the earth’s total power usage, over 70% consisted of renewableContinue reading “A Changing Energy Economy”