A Virtual Music Experience

Many businesses and individuals are struggling to keep some form of income during the COVID-19 pandemic, and musicians are among those most affected. People are staying away from restaurants where musicians might have played and nearly all concerts have been cancelled or postponed. For this reason, restaurants and musicians in Jackson, Tennessee have teamed upContinue reading “A Virtual Music Experience”

Albuquerque Mutual Aid

Right here in Albuquerque, action is being taken to help those struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic. Albuquerque Mutual Aid, a community organization funded primarily by donations, has made it their mission to support families and individuals in Albuquerque who have been most heavily affected by the virus. Many of whom are surviving without shelter orContinue reading “Albuquerque Mutual Aid”

103-Year-Old Beats Coronavirus

            Featuring NEW writer Andrew Spears!!! It is widely known that the elderly and those with preexisting conditions are more susceptible than the general public during the COVID-19 pandemic. Aging naturally weakens the human immune system, putting one at higher risk if they catch the disease, and other conditions can have the same effect. However, thereContinue reading “103-Year-Old Beats Coronavirus”