South Korea Sends 10,000 Masks to Navajo Nation

By Megan Blackwell While COVID-19 attacks the world, communities help each other stay afloat. South Korea has been sending lots of supplies, namely masks, around the world. Recently the South Korean government shipped 10,000 masks to the Navajo Nation in honor of Navajo veteran’s service in the Korean War. The Navajo Nation’s infection rate forContinue reading “South Korea Sends 10,000 Masks to Navajo Nation”

Beekeeper Makes Music From Bee Noises

By Megan Blackwell An anonymous beekeeper in London who goes by the name Bioni Samp has been making music out of the noises bees in his beehives make. While bees communicate to each other through dance-like movement, the beating of their wings creates that familiar buzz. By using his own equipment to record, Samp combinesContinue reading “Beekeeper Makes Music From Bee Noises”

Twice as Efficient Solar Energy Developed

Featuring NEW writer Megan Blackwell! Despite the world’s apparent shutdown, people all over are still working as hard as ever to make the world a better place. Tom Hanks films SNL from his apartment, teachers put videos of themselves reading picture books online for kids to watch at home, and researchers continue to look forContinue reading “Twice as Efficient Solar Energy Developed”