Street Art Changes

Throughout the Internet currently, we can find innumerable pages describing the statistics of the spread of COVID-19 and the effects of catching this deadly disease. It is almost as if everywhere we look, there are negative outpourings of information. However, this is not the case for street art. As the pandemic progresses, street artists areContinue reading “Street Art Changes”

COVID-19 Testing in New Mexico

While COVID-19 tests are in critically short supply in many US states, this is not the case in New Mexico. In fact, the state is encouraging people to get tested to accumulate data, even if they are not experiencing immediate symptoms. New Mexico is in the top four states for tests per million people atContinue reading “COVID-19 Testing in New Mexico”

A Graduation in Quarantine

While the strangest school year is winding down to a close, students and their families are wondering about graduation. Many states are still locked down and the prospect of gathering a whole class of students for commencement doesn’t seem likely. However, people around the country are working around this problem. Just recently, a Twitter postContinue reading “A Graduation in Quarantine”


The closing of restaurants and long-term quarantine has pushed most families into perhaps an unfamiliar territory: home cooking. According to The Simple Dollar, the average American eats 4.2 commercially prepared meals per week. Locally, Business Insider states that the average New Mexican spends $2,560 per year dining out. For me personally, this time away fromContinue reading “Ingredients”