Ducklings Follow in Formation Behind Police Officer

Today’s news may be short, but it is unbelievably sweet! Last Saturday in Houston, Texas, as a police officer was patrolling park grounds, he reunited a family, but not a human one. He led seven fuzzy ducklings who had waddled astray to their mother. As he gestured for the ducklings to follow, they lined up,Continue reading “Ducklings Follow in Formation Behind Police Officer”

On the Other Side of the Glass

While many public places such as restaurants and zoos are closing down, a heavy task is given to zoo keepers. How can they keep animals entertained, happy, and healthy? In the past few weeks, beginning with Shedd Aquarium, caretakers have been letting penguins outside of their enclosures to take a look at their fellow residents!Continue reading “On the Other Side of the Glass”

A Moment of Gratitude for Our Healthcare Workers

As many of us settle back on our cozy couches between two fluffy pillows, holding a warm cup of tea and a tray of cookies, there are people dressed in all blue rushing between home and hospital holding nitrile gloves and a tray of N95 face masks. Doctors and nurses are putting themselves and theirContinue reading “A Moment of Gratitude for Our Healthcare Workers”

Distilleries Making Hand Sanitizer Instead of Liquor

Hand sanitizers are in high demand right now as supplies are lacking everywhere around the world. Distilleries are combatting this deficit by, amazingly, making the products themselves. By combining distilled water and ethanol with aloha vera (or any type of gel), distilleries are creating homemade hand sanitizers to hand out. Some, such as Moonrise Distillery,Continue reading “Distilleries Making Hand Sanitizer Instead of Liquor”

Retired Doctors and Nurses Rush Back to Help Those in Need in NYC

Although putting themselves at high risk, retired doctors and nurses answered immediately when the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, called for help. Due to their age range, most of these doctors and nurses are the people most susceptible to COVID-19. But who else knows the medical procedures? Who else are qualified to take careContinue reading “Retired Doctors and Nurses Rush Back to Help Those in Need in NYC”

Help from Around the World to Right Here in Albuquerque

We often feel that we have to face all our battles alone with no one by our side, isolated inside our houses with no place safe to go. Many books and movies are made about fantastical events, about one man alone, facing down the slithering dragon in the middle of a stormy sea with nothingContinue reading “Help from Around the World to Right Here in Albuquerque”