Tesla and Ford Are Making Ventilators Instead of Cars

Huge privately owned companies are now joining in the cause to help decrease coronavirus deaths. Ventilators are in short supply around the world as people fall to the respiratory disease, pushing companies to put their factories into good use. Tesla and Ford are modifying parts of their cars such as the air filters to churnContinue reading “Tesla and Ford Are Making Ventilators Instead of Cars”

Pollution Decrease due to Coronavirus

As less and less people spend their spring breaks vacationing in far off places and more and more people stay within the comforts of their own home, CO2 and air pollution levels have decreased immensely. Major centers of emissions have closed down due to the spread of the virus, and places such as China andContinue reading “Pollution Decrease due to Coronavirus”

Gifted Sports Announcer with Nothing to Do Except Comment on Everyday life

A once rugby commentator, Nick Heath, is announcing the everyday actions of ordinary citizens in his London neighborhood with a dramatic, hilarious, and positive twist in the light of the quarantine. He posts on Twitter with hilarious captions such as: 2020 Cross Road Dash.Live.#LifeCommentary #LiveCommentary Find a Bargain Steeple Chase.Live.#LifeCommentary #LiveCommentary Regional Qualifiers Market Bartering.Live.#LifeCommentaryContinue reading “Gifted Sports Announcer with Nothing to Do Except Comment on Everyday life”