New Zealand: 1, Coronavirus: 0

New Zealand, among the most successful of all nations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, recently released nearly all restrictions on its citizens. While this sounds like it must be premature, it is justified by the incredibly low numbers recorded in recent weeks. New Zealand, being a relatively small independent nation, was able to imposeContinue reading “New Zealand: 1, Coronavirus: 0”

South Korea Sends 10,000 Masks to Navajo Nation

By Megan Blackwell While COVID-19 attacks the world, communities help each other stay afloat. South Korea has been sending lots of supplies, namely masks, around the world. Recently the South Korean government shipped 10,000 masks to the Navajo Nation in honor of Navajo veteran’s service in the Korean War. The Navajo Nation’s infection rate forContinue reading “South Korea Sends 10,000 Masks to Navajo Nation”

Street Art Changes

Throughout the Internet currently, we can find innumerable pages describing the statistics of the spread of COVID-19 and the effects of catching this deadly disease. It is almost as if everywhere we look, there are negative outpourings of information. However, this is not the case for street art. As the pandemic progresses, street artists areContinue reading “Street Art Changes”

Battling Homelessness

For all of us, the closing of businesses and the spread of Coronavirus has had a drastic effect on our way of life and our health. For many (especially those infected with the virus), this effect may have been detrimental; for nearly 50 homeless individuals in Worcester, England, this effect was life-changing. However, the FownesContinue reading “Battling Homelessness”

Promising Results in Cancer Research

While the whole world focuses on the SARS-CoV-2 virus and finding a working vaccine, significant discoveries in other areas of medicine have been overlooked. Dr. Reza Izadpanah and others at Tulane University in New Orleans have been researching a treatment for an aggressive form of breast cancer with very promising results. After discovering two genes,Continue reading “Promising Results in Cancer Research”

COVID-19 Testing in New Mexico

While COVID-19 tests are in critically short supply in many US states, this is not the case in New Mexico. In fact, the state is encouraging people to get tested to accumulate data, even if they are not experiencing immediate symptoms. New Mexico is in the top four states for tests per million people atContinue reading “COVID-19 Testing in New Mexico”

NCAA Grants Extra Year to Spring Sport Athletes For Curtailed Season

Featuring NEW writer Chen Ruo! The NCAA’s decision to suspend all the winter and spring sports seasons due to the COVID-19 pandemic has a silver lining for student-athletes who got their 2020 spring sports season cut short. The NCAA Division I Council has decided to grant an extra year of eligibility to all student-athletes! ThisContinue reading “NCAA Grants Extra Year to Spring Sport Athletes For Curtailed Season”

A Creative Initiative in Saving Endangered Species

For many years in South Africa, illegal poaching of endangered species has posed a significant problem. Rhinos especially are one of the hardest hit by poachers, with hundreds or even thousands being killed each year in South Africa. Thankfully, this number has been decreasing in recent years, but it remains a challenge to prevent poachersContinue reading “A Creative Initiative in Saving Endangered Species”