How to Submit

Step by Step:

  1. Submit a form (below) with a request or a contribution
    • Example:
      • I need three masks.
    • Your comment will be reviewed and then posted under Live Transactions (in Transactions) with your email within 24 hours.
  2. Another person submits a form with either the products requested or the products needed
    • Example:
      • I have three masks.
  3. Exchange
    • There are two ways the exchange can be carried out:
      1. Write in the request or contribution form that you would like to go through this website
        • Example:
          • I have three masks and I would like the website to deliver them.
        • The website will then contact you directly on where to leave the masks and where to pick them up.
      2. Receive an email from the website that gives you the contact information of the person who needs the product and directly get in touch with them.
        • Example:
          • Please meet me at the Walmart on 2701 Carlisle Blvd NE at 10:30am on Saturday by the curbside pickup section.
  4. After receiving the products, please submit another form saying that you have collected the requested necessities and the transaction will be posted under Completed Transactions (in Transactions).

Let’s Start!

Submit a form

  • Fill out your name (optional)
    • If you feel uncomfortable having either your first name and/or your last name posted, leave that out
  • Fill out your email (Non-personal email address required)
    • If you feel uncomfortable having your email address posted, submit it in the form so that the website has a way to contact you and then write in the Preference section that you would like to be posted under Anonymous
  • Fill out your phone number (optional)
    • If you feel that your phone is better for contacting you, fill this section out
    • If you think the email will be fine, leave the Phone Number section blank
    • If you feel uncomfortable having your phone number posted, but it is still the preferred way of contact, write your preference in the Preference section
  • Fill out Request or Contribution (required)
    • You must fill out either your free contribution to anyone in the community or a request for certain supplies
    • If you are an individual requesting masks for yourself, please do not ask for more than 7 masks per week
    • If you are an individual requesting for masks on behalf of an institution such as
      • The ABQ Police Department
      • Presbyterian Hospital
      • The ABQ Fire Department
      • Or any local hospital
    • We will gladly provide you with the number of masks you are asking for if you can provide us with a legitimate email address
  • Fill out your preferences
    • Put down all your preferences in the Preferences section and we will take care of it

Now all you have to do is wait for a response!

Please review our Liability Statement before you submit a request, so that when you click submit, you understand our terms and agreement.

Find anything confusing? Something doesn’t work right? Please leave a comment in the Contact Us section. We would love to hear your thoughts!

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